John is superb and incredibly thorough! He did everything you could or would want a home inspector to do! He climbed on the roof, went into attics, scurried under bushes, lifted individual tiles, etc. to do whatever it took for him to see every nook of the house. He took a tremendous number of pictures through the entire process and once he finished, we sat and discussed what he observed/discovered. If I wanted further clarification, he took me directly to the spot to see for myself. He provided me a full report with hundreds of pictures and all his observations and comments. The final report was organized and well written, and was incredibly useful for what we wanted to uncover about the home before purchasing and to know what we’d be in for once we bought the home. John is the best around, hands down!

Alexis G.

Amazing! John Oppenhimer is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. I don’t think a nailhead escaped his scrutiny. After spending half a day going through the house, he explained everything clearly and backed up his comments with hundreds of photographs. Then, within 24 hours, he sent us a thorough, illustrated report covering all that he’d seen and full of valuable suggestions and information. It’s always daunting to acquire a home, but John’s friendly, lucid preview of what lies ahead is the best possible way to begin. As for the cost, I would have been more than content paying four times what he asked for his extraordinary service.

Richard S.

Outstanding! I called at least 6 or 7 different inspectors and even though John was definitely on the pricier side, he was worth every penny. I am a big believer in that you get what you pay for and John did not disappoint. This was our first time buying a home and I wanted the best. John was very professional, organized and detail-orientated. He answered all the questions I had on the day of the inspection and even more so – I borderline stalked him for weeks with follow-up questions or for referrals and he never seemed bothered. Very much appreciated and I would highly recommended to anyone looking to buy a home.

Giselle G.

I can’t write enough good things about John Oppenhimer’s service at OpenHouse Inspections. We used John on two homes we have purchased as well as home inspections on two homes that we did not purchase. He is in a league of his own with his professionalism and detail provided. There is always a suggestion or recommendation if something stands out in an inspection. John has shared his Rolodex of professionals with me who are also top shelf. There is a term describing a professional as the doctor who doctors go to. I give OpenHouse an A plus with extra credit. John is worth every penny.

Hillary J.

John inspected a house we were considering buying and did a massively thorough job, with detailed explanation and report. He was super easy to contact, by phone or email he responded instantly to any questions. John saved us plenty of money and headaches. Could not recommend John more, he knows his stuff inside and out.

Tyler L.

John is not only the most professional inspector I’ve ever worked with, he flat out gets the job done with such thoroughness & accuracy that I would recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection. He loves what he does, and it shows in his product.

Frank C.

John Oppenhimer is extremely professional, direct, and most of all thorough. He inspected a potential first home purchase for us and went over EVERY detail of this house with a fine tooth comb. He told me he would inspect this house as if he was doing it for his own daughter, and that is how I felt. I would 100% recommend working with John.

Laura S.

John is extremely thorough in his inspection report and did a great job. He sat down with us afterwards and went through everything and all of our questions. He was very nice and responsive the entire process and even afterwards when we had questions, he responded to every text and call. His report was so detailed and it functioned as an instruction manual for us as well. His knowledge of even the little things is unsurpassed. He is very experienced and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him – John is awesome.

Kerry H.

Great. John is no doubt best inspector around. You will not find more detailed and informative inspector.

Inna A.

Mr. Oppenhimer was thorough, professional, timely and accessible. Not only was he technically competent, he explained things in an understandable manner and provided guidance on how to remediate specific problems. His report was comprehensive and instructive. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspection.

Joseph M.

John was highly professional and thorough. He took the time during and after the inspection to explain all aspects of the inspection and deficiencies of the home. He even had a drone for roof inspection and aerial pictures.

Robert L.

Top notch, highly detailed inspection. We were not able to be present so we got a 45 page report with pictures of everything pointed out and full detail on every aspect of the house. I’ve printed it out and use it as my new home manual for all the things in the house. Knowledge of the trade was very evident and we felt superbly confident that John looked at everything with an eagle eye. Thank you!

Tatyana D.

Simply put, John was excellent. As first time home buyers, the process can be a bit overwhelming…but John was easy to work with, explained things in easy to understand terms, and was completely thorough and professional. He’s also a really nice guy and a pleasure to interact with. His final report with photos was detailed and comprehensive – exceeding our expectations. We would happily work with John again in the future and recommend him without reservation.

Theodore G.