With more than 3,200 Radon Tests performed under my aegis I am well versed in procedures and can be trusted to ensure accurate results at the time the test is performed. Radon testing will be performed either by me, or by a highly qualified, licensed and accredited third party.

Testing requires a minimum of 48 hours in a “closed house” environment, meaning that windows, doors and other openings at the test site must be closed at least 12 hours prior to, and remain closed for the duration of the test period. Of course, normal pedestrian entry and egress are permitted. Results should be available within 12 hours of the termination of the test, and will be presented to you in an e-mail for your review and records.

I recommend you visit the EPA website (https://www.epa.gov/radon) to learn about radon, its origins and sources, why it is important to test for radon and, if remediation is warranted, how to go about it.