The Report is the most important product of a home inspection.

The report I will produce for you will be second to none – a highly detailed and illustrated document specific to the house you may soon call home, written just for you. This one-of-kind document is an essential instrument designed to help you visualize and understand my observations, provide you with empirical evidence of defects and conditions demanding attention, and offer opinion on what might need to happen to correct those conditions. My Report gives you great insight, serves you well as you negotiate, then becomes a guide for years to come as you attend to and enhance your new home.

You’ll see no check-boxes, random references or widowed content. I use real words, in full sentences – organized in paragraphs and clearly chaptered. My Report is an illustrated essay – a magazine about your house, rich in photography and clearly expressed.

Please examine these samples. They will show you how helpful and digestible my Report about your prospective house will be. Then, compare them with any other inspectors’ reports…You’ll see why my Reports lead the industry.

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Sample Report #1 Sample Report #2


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