Every house is different, as is every inspection, but my process does not vary substantially. I think it is essential to follow a protocol as closely as possible, to ensure quality, thoroughness and accuracy. Of course COVID-19 has added a number of wrinkles, but other than limiting the number of persons on site while the inspection is underway my process has proven extremely effective even in this new Era.

I arrive on site at the appointed time. The first 60 to 90 minutes is spent outside, on the exterior: Walking the grounds, evaluating grading and drainage, examining the building envelope, climbing the roof (there are hundreds of potential issues, and I want to find each of them – then document all conditions or defects that do or will have adverse effects, either now or in the foreseeable future). Ideally I will be permitted to perform this work without interruption or distraction from the seller or real estate professionals.

With access gained by your or the seller’s real estate agent I move inside, evaluating each major system and component I can see and get my hands on.

Typically an inspection will take a total of four to five hours, but the house dictates. I will not stop until I know I’ve done all I can to protect and inform you.

As I inspect I take hundreds of photographs. I use these to populate your Report, but also to help you visualize and digest the information I provide in the form of a comprehensive verbal review at the conclusion of the inspection. You and I sit together (appropriately distant) to view the photos on my laptop, giving you a chance to ask any and all questions you wish. My explanations and the photos greatly enhance comprehension and help ensure you will get the most from the written report you receive within 36 hours. Of course, if you do have questions about report content I remain available by phone or email and will respond within hours, if not immediately.